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Situation in Chad

Situation in Chad

Published on February 25, 2008
Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, February 20, 2008

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs clarifies the following points with regard to Chadian political figures who have been arrested or have disappeared:

1) We continue to seek information on the situation of Mr Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh and Mr Ngarlejy Yorongar. Our ambassador to N’Djamena spoke again with President Déby on this matter in late this morning to signal the importance this has for the French authorities. The President of Chad assured him that that the search was continuing.

2) Mr Lol Mahamat Choua is in contact with the ICRS. He received a visit this afternoon from the European Commission delegate in N’Djamena who found him in good health. Mr Lol Mahamat Choua noted that the conditions of his detention had improved substantially since the visit by the French Ambassador on 11 February. It is not true that our ambassador to Chad said following that visit that he had found Mr Lol Mahamat Choua weaker.

3) So far as we know, General Kamougué has not been arrested. He is in regular contact with his party, the Coordination of Political Parties for the Defence of the Constitution (CPDC). The Embassy has not met him, unlike other opposition figures, also members of the CPDC, who are continuing their political activity./.

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