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Wear Cornflowers in support of veterans

Wear Cornflowers in support of veterans

Published on November 2, 2017
Attend upcoming film screening and participate in the French tradition of wearing a cornflower to commemorate the sacrifices made during WWI.

As part of the upcoming commemoration of the Armistice of the First World War, we are conducting a campaign for the national work of the French nonprofit "Bleuet de France." Each year on this day, it is customary to wear a cornflower (similar to the English red poppy) to show solidarity with and respect for the sacrifices made during WWI.

Cornflowers will be sold at the November 6 Film screening of The American in Paris and At Home and Over There, the little-known story of American volunteers in France during the First World War. Register to attend the film screening HERE.

This nonprofit, recognized as serving the public good since 1991 under the authority of the National Office of Veterans and Victims of War, aims to raise funds to fund social services that help veterans, war widows, wards of the state, wounded soldiers and victims of terrorism.

Donations go towards the work of Bleuet de France to improve daily life for thousands of people in need and a better future for a more civically engaged youth.

To stand in solidarity and memory, wear a Bleuet! Help those who are still with us.

More information on the site:

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