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Situation in Chad

Published on March 5, 2008
Statements made by M. Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, during his joint press briefing with M. Ahmad Allam-Mi, Chadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, (excerpts)

Paris, February 5, 2008


[*Q. – Do you think that the Security Council’s presidential statement gives you a legal framework to intervene directly in a conflict?*]

THE MINISTER – The Security Council’s statement gives backing for the countries providing their support, whatever it may be, to the legal government and in the forms specified in the statement. That’s all I can say.


[*Q. – You said the situation is chaotic; can one really contemplate deploying EUFOR?*]

THE MINISTER – Not only can we contemplate it, but we’re going to do it. The need for it is increasing every day. There were two meetings, yesterday and the day before yesterday, in Brussels. No one is calling anything into question. The reasons for it are even better understood today. (…)

In this region, EUFOR’s mission is very clear. It’s to bring security to the area where there are both UNHCR-assisted refugees and refugees who aren’t getting assistance. The UNHCR is doing what it can, but it doesn’t have a mandate for this. There are hundreds of thousands of displaced Chadians.

These people have even more need of EUFOR than before. The first elements of the EUFOR mission have already arrived. You must ask Irish General Nash, who commands the mission and whose HQ is in Paris. The deployment’s going to be delayed a few extra days, but EUFOR is vitally necessary.

This mission absolutely must take place, since if there are no peace talks, if there are no political solutions, the whole situation will obviously remain very chaotic and very dangerous. (…)./.

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