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Launch of French dual language fund

Launch of French dual language fund

Published on January 4, 2018
President Macron meets with students after the launch of the Dual Language Fund. Students from New York French Immersion programs performed an original theater piece and sang both the French & U.S. National anthems as part of the launch ceremony.

This fall season kicked off on a high note with the launch of the French Dual Language Fund in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron on September 20 at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

President Macron addressed the audience with a powerful and moving speech in which he highlighted the importance of bilingualism in our increasingly globalized world. Languages function as a means to bring people closer together by allowing people to understand one another’s cultures, perspectives and ideas.

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, who started the Fund along with partner the FACE Foundation, is dedicated to making high-quality bilingual education accessible to students of all backgrounds across the U.S. The Fund aims to support the development of existing French dual language programs, as well as to spearhead the launch of new programs across the country.

Watch the President’s speech here:

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