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CES Las Vegas 2018: the best of French Tech!

CES Las Vegas 2018: the best of French Tech!

Published on January 9, 2018
For the fifth consecutive year, Business France, in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association, is organizing the French Tech pavilion at CES Las Vegas. 360 French companies are represented from January 9-12.

No fewer than 360 French companies—320 of them startups—are represented at Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show, the “place to be” for the world’s most innovative businesses. Once again, France is the largest European delegation at the CES and accounts for the second-largest number of startups, after the United States.

For the fifth consecutive year, Business France is showcasing the best of French Tech. The agency selected 25 of the most promising startups to be part of its delegation. A waste-sorting smart robot, a touch screen that lets users feel what’s on the screen, customizable smart mirrors, revolutionary wireless chargers—these are just a few of the French innovations that will be on display at the French Tech Pavilion from January 9-12.

The level of French Tech breakthrough technology is clearly unprecedented this year: 30 startups are clinching no less than 42 CES awards in 28 different categories, and it looks like even more will be unveiled during the event. These distinctions include two very prestigious “Best of innovation” awards for Blue Frog Robotics, with their unique companion robot named Buddy, and Lancey Energy Storage, that designed the very first smart electric heater with an integrated battery.

If Ai, machine learning, VR, blockchain and the Internet of Things have become the center of attention for French start-uppers and tech innovators, it is also because France seems to have an acute expertise in the matter, as the Wavestone “Deep Tech Global Investor Survey” brings to light. France, home of the world biggest Deep Tech event with "Hello Tomorrow Global Summit," is a fast-rising up-and-coming hub for this engineering and scientific innovation area in Europe.

French Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi and President of the Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro officially cut the ribbon on January 9. The French delegation then met with the startups at the French Tech pavilion.

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