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French Series 2018 - 10 conflicts to watch in 2018: a new world (dis)order?

French Series 2018 - 10 conflicts to watch in 2018: a new world (dis)order?

Published on February 9, 2018
On February 21, the French embassy held a free panel discussion about the new international landscape.

From North Korea to Yemen, unpredictability has become a defining trend in the new international landscape. Preventing violence escalating requires seeing through a fog of commentary. More than ever there is a striking need for clear, balanced and informed analysis.

Through its unique expertise based on field experience and research, the International Crisis Group seeks to identify the next volatile flashpoints and propose concrete steps to mitigate them.

We need to ask ourselves how to navigate the current crises and to what extent they reveal deeper shifts at play in the international system.

The French Embassy was pleased to invite you to our next French Series panel discussion which will be moderated by Susan Glasser, Chief International Affairs Columnist for POLITICO, in the presence of Gérard Araud, Ambassador of France to the U.S. and Robert Malley, President and CEO of the International Crisis Group

Watch the complete video of the panel discussion

This event was organized by the Press and Communication Office of the Embassy of France in the United States.

About Crisis Group - The International Crisis Group is an independent organization working to prevent wars and shape policies to resolve deadly conflicts.

About Crisis Group’s Watch List - Every year, the International Crisis Group publishes an early warning Watch List identifying up to ten major conflict situations in which prompt action would help generate stronger prospects for peace.

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