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Learning French with cartoons

Learning French with cartoons

Published on October 23, 2018

With the new school year in full gear, what better way to add some French practice to your family or classroom routine than with cartoons? Whether you are a teacher who needs something to add to a lesson plan or a parent that wants to make sure their children are keeping up on their french, cartoons can be of great help. In addition to providing entertainment, cartoons are a great and fun way to learn or advance one’s French. Below are some of France’s most famous cartoons for all ages to get you started.


xx Corneil et Bernie (Corneil and Bernie)
Ever wish your dog could talk? While you keep hoping take a look at the french adapted animated cartoon series Corneil and Bernie. Corneil, a clever dog that can read, write, and speak makes it his mission to hide his intelligence from his owners so that he can keep living the life of a pampered dog. However, Corneil’s plan go up in smokes when Bernie, a hired dog sitter, finds out about Corneil’s abilities. Forming a precarious friendship, the two set out on adventures that usually results in Corneil bailing Bernie out of trouble.
xx Astérix
If you are looking for a true French original look no further. Starting as a comic series in 1959, Astérix has since taken the world by storm and has been adapted into 14 films. The series focuses on the life of Astérix, his best friend Obélix, and a village of Gauls as they fight against Roman occupation using a magic potion that provides temporary superhuman strength. In addition to making you laugh, this series serves as a great introduction into the history of the Gauls in 50 BC.
xx Le Petit Nicolas
Another French staple, Le Petit Nicolas chronicles the life of little Nicolas and his childhood adventures with friends and family. A collaboration between famed french writer and illustrator René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé, Le Petit Nicolas began as a bestselling novel of the same title. Goscinny, who also wrote the french comic Atérix, uses Nicolas’ humoristic first person narrative in the to provide a humoristic and childlike vision of 1950s France.
xx Les Zinzins de l’espace
When five aliens decided to have a space picnic together you know you are in for some fun. Everything goes south (literally) as they fall to Earth after an asteroid hits their spaceship. With a little help from the SMTV transforming device, the five must work together to go undetected by humans and return home.
xx Les Malheurs de Sophie
First airing in 1998, Les Malheurs de Sophie is a classical animated adaptation based on the trilogy of french writer Sophie Rostopchine, Countess of Ségur. When circumstances change for the worst and a shipwreck leaves Sophie without a mother, Sophie must come to terms with her new life across the atlantic with a mean step-mother. When tragedy strikes again and her father dies, Sophie goes to live in Madame De Fleurville’s castle and has many adventures with friends and her cousin Paul.
xx Ernest et Célestine, la collection
Airing in 2017, this new animated series fis about Célestine, an optimistic and happy mouse, and her unlikely friendship with Ernest the bear. A talented author, Celestine recounts her adventures through books that she illustrates herself.
xx Les Triplés
Originally a comic created in 1983, Les Triplés is a humoristic series about three young 4-year old triplets. In 2014, a 3D version of the show was released.
xx Tom-Tom et Nana
Tom-Tom and Nana follows the life of the Dubouchon Family who own the ‘Good Fork’ restaurant, and the mischief caused by the two youngest children Tom-Tom and Nana.
xx Mouk
Mouk features a combination of 1 minute and 11 minute episodes about globetrotting cyclists Mouk and Chavapa. Traveling the world, the two friends experience the diversity of the world and make new friends. Mouk offers a look at the world and different cultures all from the comfort of your own home.
xx Le Manège enchanté
In Le Manège enchanté, also known as The Magic Roundabout, Margote and her animal friends live in Bois-joli, a magical village, where they are watched by a kind wizard named Père Pivoine.
xx Les Belles Histoires du père Castor
You’re sure to remember those nighttime stories you read as a child with this short series. Father Castor, a father to Câline, Grignote and Benjamin takes story time to a whole new level by allowing his children to dream up their own conclusions. xx
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