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Coming up from the Cultural Services

Coming up from the Cultural Services

Published on October 23, 2018

Festival Albertine 2018 invites Masha Gessen, Joseph Stiglitz, Sasha Velour, Phia Ménard, and more to reimagine democracy

At Albertine, New York’s premiere French bookstore, renowned journalist and author, Masha Gessen will head the annual Festival Albertine: Reimagining Democracy (October 30 - November 3). Through a series of six talks on subjects ranging from "A Post-Work World" to "Beyond States and Borders" and "Redefining Normality and Disease," the Festival will look panoramically at democratic society and expand the lenses through which we might reimagine it. It will gather guests Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, performance artist Phia Ménard, and drag queen and visual artist Sasha Velour. All events are free with RSVP and will be held at Albertine Books at 972 Fifth Avenue. They will be streamed live online and archived at ◣

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