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European conference for the fight against terrorism: set up for a judicial register for counter terrorist information

European conference for the fight against terrorism: set up for a judicial register for counter terrorist information

Published on November 6, 2018
Joint declaration by the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet and six European Ministers (Paris - November 5, 2018)

We, Ministers of Justice of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain, meeting in Paris on 5 November 2018;

Recalling the importance of the fight against terrorism, which is one of the most serious violations of the values on which the European Union is based, reflected on article 2 of the TEU: respect for human dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, human rights and fundamental freedoms;

Stressing the need to enhance victims’ support, especially for victims of terrorism, as stated by the Council conclusions of 4 June 2018 on victims of terrorism;

Recalling the declaration of 20 June 2018 by Belgium, France, Germany and Spain supporting the creation of a ‘European Judicial Counter Terrorism Register’ at Eurojust ;

Reaffirming our greater commitment to deepen European judicial cooperation, which is crucial for tackling effectively terrorism;

Undertaking to fully implement the Council decision 2005/671/JHA of 20 September 2005, amended by directive 2017/541 of 15 march 2017 on combating terrorism;

Confirm our willingness to strengthen the availability and sharing of information held by the national judicial authorities in connection with terrorist cases, by establishing a type of European judicial register for counter terrorist information that is based on Eurojust´s existing Case management system; this register should be supported by transmission of information through secured channels and set up according to an ambitious and realistic timetable;

Call on the EU Budget authorities to allocate adequate budgetary and human resources for this priority ;

Welcome the initiative of Eurojust to launch a working group within the counter-terrorism team to explore and prepare the implementation modalities of such a register, which should be built upon the case-management system, and to improve the ability of the agency to analyze this data and give judicial authorities of all Member States feed-back on the results of this analysis;

Welcome the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content ;

Undertake to contribute actively to the negotiations and call on the Council and the European Parliament to examine the draft regulation with the highest priority considering all questions raised;

Commit ourselves to improve assistance and support to victims of terrorism, especially for transnational cases, and to facilitate the coordination of our structures and support services set up at national level;

Fully support the Commission’s initiatives, in particular the establishment of a European center of expertise, to share knowledge and tools on victims’ support, making use of the ENVR network.

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