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 G7 foreign ministers meeting in Dinard on April 5 and 6

G7 foreign ministers meeting in Dinard on April 5 and 6

Published on February 16, 2019
Communiqué by Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian

On April 5 and 6, I will host the G7 foreign ministers in Dinard for the ministerial meeting to prepare the Biarritz summit that will be held in late August.
France has made the fight against inequality a key focus of its G7 presidency. This commitment must translate into a resolute action by our nations to promote peace and to oppose the security threats and terrorism that destabilize the foundations of our societies.
At this ministerial meeting, my counterparts and I will discuss the common responses we can bring to major international crises. In particular, we will discuss support for African peace operations in terms of capacity and funding, especially in the Sahel—a region whose populations continue to face a strong terrorist threat. In line with the work undertaken by the Canadian G7 presidency, we will also address the role and needs of women in peace processes and conflict resolution.
Finally, in line with the “Paris call” for responsible behavior by state actors in cyberspace, we will work to transform the commitments taken together into concrete actions to better respond to the challenges our democracies are facing today.

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