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Official speeches and statements - May 27, 2019

Published on May 27, 2019

1. Iraq - Sentencing French citizens to the death penalty - Statement by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs spokesperson (Paris - May 27, 2019)

We learned that three French citizens found guilty of belonging to Daesh by an Iraqi court with jurisdiction to rule on crimes committed by Daesh were sentenced to death.

Daesh terrorists must answer for their crimes before the justice system.

France’s position, as set out by President Macron, is that adults detained in Iraq must be tried in Iraqi courts if they have jurisdiction to do so. France respects the Iraqi authorities’ sovereignty.

These three French citizens have received consular protection during their detention. Such protection mainly aims to ensure that they receive a lawyer’s assistance and they are able to exercise the recourse provided for under Iraqi law, which gives them thirty days to appeal the sentence.

France is opposed, on principle, to the death penalty, anytime and anywhere. The Embassy of France in Iraq, in providing consular protection, is taking the necessary steps to remind the Iraqi authorities of this constant position.