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Official speeches and statements - September 12, 2019

Published on September 12, 2019

1. United Nations - CAR / Iran - Remarks to the press by the Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (New York - September 12, 2019)

I just want to make a few points on CAR, if you allow.

We very much welcome the upcoming adoption of the resolution easing the arms embargo on the Central African Republic. I command the unity of the Security Council on this. This is essential to allow for the implementation of the peace process, the agreement that was signed in February.

This resolution will allow for the security defense of CAR to take care of their own security, to contribute more to CAR’s security which is in the benefits of all citizens. France will continue to encourage the authorities of CAR to do their own job in terms of implementing the peace process. We will be in support.

Q - Ambassador, very quickly, can I ask you the latest on President Macron’s Iran diplomacy, because we are days away from the UN General Assembly? Do you think there is a possibility of a meeting between President Rohani and President Trump?

A - Together with the E3, France is working very hard to implement and to protect the JCPoA, number one. And number two, to try to resolve and to decrease the tensions in the Middle East. We are talking to everyone, to Iran and the US, together with our European partners, and this is what we are trying to achieve. We want to move closer to a solution.

Thank you, so much.