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The Gallery of Presidents

The Gallery of Presidents

Published on April 15, 2008

Fifth Republic

On June 1, 1958, the 5th French Republic was formed under the leadership of General Charles de Gaulle. The constitution of this new republic would give executive authority to a directly-elected President. At the same time, the Republic would maintain a Prime Minister, appointed by the President. On December 21, 1958, General de Gaulle was elected President of the 5th French Republic. He was reelected on December 19, 1965, by the first direct universal suffrage (passed in 1962 by referendum).
Emmanuel Macron
François Hollande
Nicolas Sarkozy
Jacques Chirac
François Mitterrand
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
Georges Pompidou
Alain Poher
(acting President:
04/20/1969 - 06/20/1969
& 04/02/1974 - 05/19/1974)
Charles de Gaulle

Fourth Republic

R. Coty
V. Auriol
Between 1940 and 1947, there was no President of the French Republic.

Third Republic

A. Lebrun
P. Doumer
G. Doumergue
A. Millerand
P. Deschanel
R. Poincaré
A. Fallières
E. Loubet
F. Faure
J. Casimir-Perier
M-F. Sadi Carnot
J. Grévy
P. de Mac-Mahon
A. Thiers

Second Republic

L. Napoléon Bonaparte


Between 1940 and 1947, there was no President of the French Republic. The constitutional law of 10 July 1940 marked the end of the Third Republic by vesting "all powers in the government of the Republic under the authority and the sole signature of Marshal Pétain" in order to frame and promulgate "a new constitution for the French State".

The Comité Français de Libération Nationale (French Committee of National Liberation) was established on 3 June 1943 and, as from 9 November 1943, chaired by General de Gaulle who challenged the legitimacy of the "French State" generally known as the "Régime de Vichy" (Vichy government).

The order of 3 June 1944 turned the French Committee of National Liberation into the Gouvernement Provisoire de la République française (Provisional Government of the French Republic) under the authority of General de Gaulle and then of Félix Gouin as from 27 January 1946, and finally of Georges Bidault from 24 June 1946 to 18 December 1946.

On 16 January 1947, Vincent Auriol became the first President of the Fourth Republic in application of the Constitution of 27 October 1946 which was adopted by referendum.

René Coty succeeded him on 16 January 1954.


Source: Présidence de la République