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Global Forum on AI for Humanity

Global Forum on AI for Humanity

Published on November 6, 2019
The Global Forum on AI for Humanity (GFAIH) ran from October 28 to 30 in Paris. Close to 150 major figures from the worlds of science, innovation and politics were in attendance to discuss opportunities, problems and solutions on the theme of AI during workshops and plenary sessions.
"It is our joint responsibility to face up to our responsibilities, to confront this fear of technology. Trust in Artificial Intelligence implies having an AI that we can understand. We must work on transparency and on our ability to monitor this AI. We need an AI that uses personal data fairly, with everyone’s consent. We are therefore going to work on personal data and individual sovereignty."

—Emmanuel Macron, Institut de France - October 30, 2019

The Global Forum on AI for Humanity (GFAIH) took place in the context of the forthcoming organization of a Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), as decided at the last G7 summit. It served as the formal launch pad for GPAI and informed GPAI Working Groups’ future agenda.

The GFAIH gathered experts from AI, social sciences, humanities, and engineering, as well as innovators, economic actors, policy makers and civil society representatives in order to:

  • reach a common understanding of the perspectives brought by AI, of the challenges to be addressed, and the methods and tools for addressing them;
  • deliberate about projects, studies and social experiments that can lead to a corpus of shared knowledge and shape R&D agendas;
  • consider Global Partnership initiatives to put the progress of AI for the benefit of humankind.


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