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The transatlantic partnership in 2020

The transatlantic partnership in 2020

Published on December 11, 2019
French Ambassador Philippe Etienne met with his Estonian counterpart, Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov, for a discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council on December 9. The event drew a full house, with the audience including a large number of journalists and experts in transatlantic relations; it was hailed as a success by all present.

Speakers: Philippe Etienne, Ambassador of France, and Jonatan Vseviov, Ambassador of Estonia.

Moderator: Elise Labott, former CNN correspondent.

The two ambassadors highlighted the unity between their countries just a few days after the NATO Summit and as the Normandy Summit unfolded in Paris.

Ambassador Etienne presented his vision of the European defense project promoted by President Macron. He underscored the open, constructive discussions that had taken place at the NATO summit in London, and noted that the French President’s statements about NATO a few days prior to the summit had sparked a necessary discussion of the challenges facing the Alliance in a new international context.

He reiterated France’s wish to strengthen European defense and increase Europeans’ defense spending.

He highlighted the progress made on European defense, which leaves Europe better equipped to act within NATO. He cited the example of French-Estonian military cooperation in Mali.

The Estonian Ambassador called the London Summit a success and expressed his support for building a European defense structure that bolsters European unity and supplements NATO actions.

Watch the video of the event

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