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Official speeches and statements - January 13, 2020

Published on January 13, 2020

1. Iran - Joint statement by the heads of state and government of France, Germany and the United Kingdom (Paris - January 12, 2020)

We, the leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, share fundamental common security interests, along with our European partners. One of them is upholding the nuclear non-proliferation regime, and ensuring that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) plays a key role in this respect.

Together, we have made clear our regret and concern at the decision by the United States to withdraw from the JCPoA and to re-impose sanctions on Iran.

Despite increasingly difficult circumstances, we have worked hard to preserve the agreement. All remaining parties to the JCPoA, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Iran, with the EU as coordinator, have stated their continuing commitment to preserve the JCPoA.

It is essential that Iran return to full compliance with its commitments under the agreement. We have expressed our deep concern at the actions taken by Iran in violation of its commitments since July 2019. These actions must be reversed. We reserve recourse to all the provisions of the JCPoA to preserve it and to resolve the issues related to Iran’s implementation of its JCPoA commitments within its framework.

We will also need to define a long-term framework for Iran’s nuclear program.

Recent events have highlighted Iran’s destabilizing role in the region, including through the IRGC and Al-Qods force. Our commitment to the security of our allies and partners in the region is unwavering. We must address—through diplomacy and in a meaningful way—shared concerns about Iran’s destabilizing regional activities, including those linked to its missile program. We reiterate our readiness to continue our engagement for de-escalation and stability in the region.

We note Iran’s announcement with regard to the shooting down of UIA Flight PS752 and commit to working with Iran on next steps.

Today, our message is clear: we remain committed to the JCPoA and to preserving it; we urge Iran to reverse all measures inconsistent with the agreement and return to full compliance; we call on Iran to refrain from further violent action or proliferation; and we remain ready to engage with Iran on this agenda in order to preserve the stability of the region.

[Source of English text: UK government website]

2. Iran - United Kingdom - Communiqué issued by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (Paris - January 13, 2020)

Following the arrest of the British Ambassador yesterday, France expresses its full solidarity with the United Kingdom. We expect the Iranian authorities to fully abide by their obligations under international law.

3. Taiwan - Election - Statement by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesperson (Paris - January 12, 2020)

Saturday’s election in Taiwan took place freely and democratically. It demonstrated the commitment of the Taiwanese people to local democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

France extends its congratulations to all those elected. It very much hopes for peace and the continuation of dialogue and cooperation between the two shores of the Taiwan Strait.

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