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Official speeches and statements - July 24, 2020

Published on July 27, 2020

1. Greece - France mobilizes in support of Amadou Diallo, a young Guinean refugee in Greece admitted to Sciences Po, Paris - Joint communiqué issued by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister Delegate for Citizenship, attached to the Minister of the Interior (Paris - July 22, 2020)

Amadou Diallo, a young man of Guinean nationality, lost his parents and fled his country, where he was being persecuted. He has just been granted asylum in Greece, where he arrived in 2016. A brilliant student aged 20, he obtained his baccalaureate at the Lycée Franco-Hellénique in Athens and was admitted to the Paris Institute of Political Studies [Sciences Po].

Since June, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior have been working hard in liaison with the Greek authorities, at the French President’s request, to enable this talented young man to be welcomed to France so that he may continue his learning in that higher education institution.

Our staff in Greece are mobilized to ensure that his visa application, which should be lodged very soon, is processed as quickly as possible and that Mr. Diallo can swiftly receive a residence permit.

We thank the Greek authorities for the cooperation they are showing to allow Mr. Diallo to settle in France.

2. Economic attractiveness - Increasing the global reach of French gastronomy, produce and terroirs/Government launches Taste France magazine to support French export businesses - Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (Paris - July 22, 2020)

The Government is launching, the first 100%-online media outlet aimed at promoting France’s gastronomic culture and associated food produce around the world.

In 2019, to improve France’s international image over the long term and build on the success of the "Choose France" summits initiated by the French President, the Government established a new “Brand France" system aimed at harmonizing the worldwide promotion by the State and its operators of the various images of France, its regions and its economic, cultural and tourism expertise.

Based on this strong shared identity, clearly recognizable abroad, the subsidiary brand "Taste France" was officially launched at the Paris International Agricultural Show 2020 to internationally promote French gastronomy and produce. So the goal of Taste France magazine is to develop their reputation and attractiveness.

For the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Julien Denormandie, "gastronomy and a taste for good things are inextricably linked to French identity and culture. Today, through, I’m proud to be helping promote the influence worldwide of our farmers’ and agrifood businesses’ expertise!"

For the Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Franck Riester, "France, through its farmers and agrifood businesses, has all the strengths needed to conquer new export markets, which generate growth and employment. is one of the resources the Government is putting at the service of our agriculture to promote its excellence and capacity for innovation worldwide, to support our produce and our regions".

Drawn up in partnership with the SOPEXA agency, the digital media outlet - which includes a web platform and a presence on the main social media - is being deployed in several languages (English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French and soon Spanish) to raise awareness of French gastronomy and products, in a spirit of openness to other food cultures. also provides tailored visibility to brands and industries that wish to get involved, to promote their products to international consumers.

3. United Nations - Syria - Statement by the permanent representative of France to the United Nations at the Security Council (New York - July 23, 2020)

Mr. President,

I thank Special Envoy Geir Pedersen and Ms. Wafa Mustafa for their briefings.

There is an urgent need to relaunch a credible political process in order to bring Syria and the region back on the road to stability.

France will not recognize the results of the sham elections held in the areas controlled by the regime on July 19. To be legitimate, any election must meet the criteria set out in resolution 2254: it must be free and transparent, take place under United Nations supervision, and allow all Syrians, including those in the diaspora, to participate. The recent parliamentary elections did not meet any of those criteria and deprived millions of displaced Syrians and refugees of their vote.

The only legitimate political process is taking place in Geneva, under the aegis of the United Nations. We call for the resumption of discussions as soon as possible in preparation for the third meeting of the constitutional committee. The regime’s continued blocking of the work of the Constitutional Committee is unacceptable. It will be the responsibility of this Council to take note of this if its work is again blocked.

The Constitutional Committee alone will not be sufficient to establish a credible political transition. All elements of resolution 2254 must be implemented in order to meet the expectations of the Syrian people. Ms. Mustafa reminded us of the importance of making progress on the issue of detainees and missing persons. This Council must unite in response to her call and that of the Special Envoy to release prisoners and facilitate access to detention centers.

The establishment of a ceasefire under the aegis of the United Nations remains more necessary than ever.

The growing instability, particularly in the areas reconquered by the regime and in the North-West, as well as the resurgence of Daesh in the center of the country are worrying. The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading, including in the North-West, while humanitarian access to this region has been reduced in the absence of Council agreement.

The truce in the North-West must be preserved, and an immediate cessation of hostilities and a humanitarian pause must be implemented, in accordance with resolution 2532, which endorsed the Secretary-General’s appeal. That is the condition for uniting our efforts in the fight against the terrorist groups listed by this Council, in full compliance with international humanitarian law.

In the current context, the priority remains to respond to the immense humanitarian needs of the population throughout Syria. This is what France and the European Union have once again committed themselves to at the Brussels IV conference. France regrets the non-renewal of the cross-border mechanism for the Bab al-Salam crossing point, which provided vital access for 1.3 million people in the Aleppo region. We will continue to assist the Syrians and to ensure that this aid is not diverted and manipulated by the regime.

The economic crisis in Syria is the result of the disastrous economic management, chronic corruption and the regime’s destruction of its own country. European sanctions target individuals and entities that participate in the repression and profit from the fallout of the conflict. They are accompanied by mechanisms to safeguard humanitarian and medical aid.

Both France and the European Union will not finance reconstruction until a credible political process is initiated.. France will continue to fully support to mechanisms to fight impunity and welcomes in that regard the latest report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Idlib.

Thank you.