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Going to France

Going to France

Last updated on November 6, 2017

Whether you are going to France for business, on vacations or for a lifetime, these pages will provide you with practical information prior to your trip to France. Visas, Education, Employment, Driving, Cost of Living, Marriage, gratuity, etc...

  • About France

    About France

    France’s history, geography, institutions and ideas afford it a unique position in the world. From the Alps to the Atlantic coast, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, France has created a strong national identity while maintaining constant interaction with its neighbors and international partners. This page is meant to provide a broad overview of all aspects of France’s activities and features in a variety of categories.

  • Visas for France

    Visas for France

    Whether you need a visa depends on your nationality and duration of stay in France and possibly on the reason for your visit to France. Find out if you need a visa.

  • Employment


    If you are going to France to work, find out about opportunities and conditions.

  • Studying and Teaching

    Studying and Teaching

    Learn about the educational system in France, how to register your child to a public school, 11 good reasons to learn french or how you can teach English to french kids with the "Teaching Assistant Program".

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