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Transatlantic Cooperation: Educational, Economic, and Cultural

Transatlantic Cooperation: Educational, Economic, and Cultural

Published on November 1, 2019

Working closely with the United States, France is paving the way for future generations of scientists, artists, students and professionals, to use the resources at their disposal in order to broaden their professional horizons, to network within the growing French-American community, and to be successful on the global stage.

On an educational level, key aspects of our cooperation include consolidating funds for university partnerships, which combine high-level training and research, and supporting the Chateaubriand Fellowship. Click here to watch a short video from an alumnus of the fellowship. In addition, international exchanges between the countries have recently been on the rise. Nearly 25 thousand French and American students participate in study abroad programs between the two countries. Click here to read more about the increase in French and American exchange students.

Economically, France encourages innovation through programs such as the Young Entrepreneurs Initiative, Say Oui to France, France-Atlanta, and the New Technology Venture Accelerator (NETVA). These programs help a new generation of French and American students and leaders to research, develop, and present their ideas to a global marketplace. Click here to view a video from the 2013 NETVA conference.

In addition, France has focused its attention on restoring the prominence of the French language in the American classroom by supporting and promoting the introduction of courses that have allowed students to take the French-American Baccalaureate, and organizations like CODOFIL (Conseil pour le développement du français en Louisiane), or the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana. Increasing the presence of French art and cinema has also been a focus of the Transatlantic cooperation. To receive more information about French cultural events in the United States, sign up here.

By clicking the links below, you can learn more about French-American cooperation.