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Published on July 29, 2011

With 65 million inhabitants, France is the second-largest consumer market in Europe after Germany. France recorded a GDP of US$2.613 trillion in 2012.

The United States is the leading destination for French investments abroad. In 2012, France invested $21.7 billion in the United States. For the same year, France was the fifth most-attractive country for foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide.

In the opposite direction, the United States is the second-largest foreign direct investor in France. One quarter of all foreign investment to France came from the United States in 2012. Of U.S. projects undertaken abroad, 13 percent were in France. More than 1,240 American groups were operating in France in 2012, which sustained 440,000 jobs in 14,000 establishments. The sectors that attracted most of U.S. investment in France in 2012 were software and IT services, commerce and retail, and transport/storage.

(Sources: World Bank, OFII,

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    Invest in France

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  • French Companies in the U.S.

    French Companies in the U.S.

    UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission, assists French companies searching for potential partners in the United States. Specifically, they organize business meetings and guided visits with suitable prospects, inform French entrepreneurs of the conditions to access the U.S. market, and advise them on how to develop their business locally.