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About France

About France

Published on December 15, 2017

France’s history, geography, institutions and ideas afford it a unique position in the world. From the Alps to the Atlantic coast, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, France has created a strong national identity while maintaining constant interaction with its neighbors and international partners. This page is meant to provide a broad overview of all aspects of France’s activities and features in a variety of categories.

  • History


    From the first century’s Celtic Gaulle until now, the major landmarks of France’s history

  • Geography


    With 551, 000 sq. km, Metropolitan France is the largest country in Western Europe. Find out about its geographical features and climate.

  • Institutions


    From the President of the Republic to the Parliament, everything you need to know about France’s institutions.

  • Symbols of the French Republic

    Symbols of the French Republic

    Learn more about France’s symbols such as our National anthem, the famous Gallic rooster or the history of the French flag.

  • The Gallery of Presidents

    The Gallery of Presidents

    Four of France’s five Republics have had Presidents as their head of state, making the French presidency the oldest in Europe still to exist in some form.

  • Society


    A general description of France’s demographics, including population density, education level, economic status, and other aspects.

  • National Defense

    National Defense

    Learn more about the French Ministry of Defense’s missions and key figures.

  • Practical Info

    Practical Info

    Planning a trip to France? Click here to find pratical travel information.