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ENTER THE EUROPEAN MARKET-Administrative Facilities for Tax-Free Activities

Published on February 29, 2008

Flow processing with information technology

All French Customs Offices have computerised clearance using the SOFI system (computer system for international freight processing). Customs formalities are dealt with on line, offering companies maximum reliability.

French Customs is developing new clearance procedures involving data communication systems such as electronic data interchange (EDI).

The Customs computer system can be linked to port or private networks.

Speeding up Customs Formalities

French Customs has taken significant steps to simplify and speed up the administrative formalities involved in importing or exporting goods.

It offers a range of procedures geared to companies time constrainsts.

Advance clearance techniques have been developed to enable companies to send information to Customs before actual arrival of goods. Once the mean of transport has arrived, all goods not subject to examination will be immediatly available. Data can be exchanged through data communication systems.

These advance clearance techniques, which are currently under consideration for express delivery, should well be extended to clearance in ports and eventually to companies themselves.

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